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hp hogwarts
Anonymous asked: What are you taking at college or uni?

I’m majoring in economics :)

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anon i have to take a lot of core classes though and my schedule is just weird and very unbalanced

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personal idk i'll probably be like this until the semester ends sighs

To be a Queen is to be lonely. It is a horrid wretched thing. 

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merlin guinevere pendragon

Someone ask her if she’s ever played lacrosse.

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teen wolf kira yukimura

I’m really hoping that onscreen chemistry comes back to life with this performance.

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krystle d'souza Karan tacker (i have to go to class in an hour and I'm just not feeling it) (I miss home) on another not these two omg my baaabies
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merlin arwen otp of all otps
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teen wolf otp: you still got me allison x lydia

BREAKING: The street is completely blocked. There is probably a thousand people here right now. #Ferguson


  • Crowds have blocked intersection in front of police dept.
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The Morgana Appreciation Graphic Meme: 

Morgana the rebel

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merlin morgana